Here are my pictures from Die Grosse Mega Sause party at Tou Scene the other day. It was too much backlight for my camera to handle, but it guess thats cool. Also, i slapped on a panorama i took at the end so you can get an impression of the entire situation. 


A couple of modest photographs from a place called the Purple Hut, built by these old hunters back in the days, in New Zealand. I don't need to say no more except that it was in a secret spot north of Wellington and that the photo above is from someone elses trip there.


Ok, so I'm going to use my little web page for something constructive for a change, hope you dont mind.


As you may have heard im having an exhebition in Norway in April. One of the things ive been photographing are panoramas of living areas like bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Sometimes the photos contain people, mostly they are empty, only showing the normal items and debrie wherever people stay and live. Although only around 10 of these panoramas are going to make it into the show, i aim to photograph 30 – 40 of these panoramas.

You dont have to clean or tidy. Part of the exorsize is that it should be natural how you live. Would it be ok for me to come around to your house and make some of these panoramas? 

Bellow are two rough examples of what they kinda will look like.


Picture looking at people looking at pictures